Why Asbestos Testing for Residential Properties Is Vitally Important

The mineral asbestos was for many years the material of choice for use in residential properties and business premises due to the fact that it provided superior thermal insulation, a very high tensile strength and was also stable in the presence o chemicals and high temperatures. The fibrous silicate material was mined in great quantities and was selected by builders for not only the stability of the material in the presence of heat (making it ideal for insulation) but also because it was excellent value for money and was easy to work with. However, it was soon discovered that asbestos use had a significant potential to impact on the health of those who were exposed to it – and today asbestos testing in places like Wellsford, Manukau, Christchurch, and Hamilton for the presence of the material is even more important than ever before.

In countries like New Zealand homes built before 1980 were constructed using large amounts of asbestos. Today we know that exposure to asbestos can cause severe life threatening conditions like mesothelioma – a severe cancer that is caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. The danger of exposure is increased dramatically when renovation work or maintenance is undertaken in the home. It is therefore essential that an asbestos testing Wellsford, Manukau, Christchurch, and Hamilton take place prior to any work being done on the home.

There are variety of companies in New Zealand which offer asbestos testing, however it is important to note that the company should have the relevant expertise in this area – and the right professionals to carry out the testing. Testing relies on two main approaches. The first is a visual inspection of the property and the second step – sample testing may also be required. Companies such as the well known and respected Jim’s Building Inspections are able to provide a wide variety of different packages to homeowners who have asbestos concerns. the packages vary in their complexity – however all will include an asbestos inspection report which will prove invaluable for those homeowners who are planning on performing maintenance or renovations.

The popularity of asbestos led to the material being used in a variety of ways in residential properties. Asbestos can be found in roofing materiel, internally in ceiling spaces where it was used as insulation, as part of foundations where it was found to be useful for both insulation and moisture protection and in ceilings and walls. The fact of the matter is that the popularity of the material saw it being used in the construction of homes across the country.

Neglecting Wellsford, Manukau, Christchurch, and Hamilton¬†asbestos testing puts the inhabitants of the home at extreme risk. It is simply not worth that risk when it comes to the well being of the family. The fact of the matter is that asbestos is a known killer. there can be no argument about that. Asbestos testing is the simplest and most effective way of keeping a family safe. A professional inspector is more than just a service provider – they are the first line of defence against possibly life threatening illness – contact a professional service provider today if your home was built in the 80’s and you want to undertake improvement projects.