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Dean Alexander NZ

Dean Alexander NZ started his career 16 years ago in print media advertisements.

Dean then moved into the online account management industry. He quickly rose up the ranks and became the Chief Corporate officer at a Premier Google Partner, winning several awards in the process!

Dean Alexander NZ is viewed among the very top of 1 percent of Digital Marketing Account Managers Globally.

Disillusioned with the current digital marketing and advertising industry, Dean teamed up with Steve Vale.

Steve & Dean Alexander NZ vision is to provide truly exceptional, international, digital advertising platforms to the market enabling Alexander Vales customers, big or small, access to major worldwide technology. Most of all, provided ethically, promising clear, easy to comprehend reporting and billing.

Alexander Vales premier electronic marketing platform, SEMCast®, also provides our customers with the best worldwide conversion rates.

The percentage of clicks which created a telephone or email was nearly 10x the worldwide averages for the previous 90 days. This ranks the SEMCast® platform in the top 2 percent for conversion rates internationally.

In case you want to find out more about the stage and the way that it is able to significantly increase enquiry please contact Alexander Vale, by clicking through to their website: alexandervale.co.nz