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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Riding Apparel

For many motorcycle lovers, the riding season is always on but there are others who ride their beasts only once in a while. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to ride your bike, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right motorcycle riding apparel. Do not make the mistake of choosing your motorcycle riding apparel only on the basis of style and looks.

The clothing you wear while riding needs to keep you warm but not too hot, protect your skin, not flap in the wind, let the air through, keep you dry, provide buffer on impact, keep you in control of your bike and should make you visible when you stop and get off your bike.

It’s true you want to wear something stylish while riding your motorcycle but it should not come at the cost of safety. You can find stylish gear that is also safe at Moto1. They carry all kinds of motorcycle riding apparel including adventure helmets, full face helmets, protection gear, thermal wear, rain wear, leather jackets, gloves and textile jackets among other things.

The motorcycle riding apparel is available in a variety of materials but you need to choose the right material for the right application. Keep in mind that wearing just denim is not going to protect you. Similarly, Kevlar fibers don’t stretch and pull apart whereas nylon fibers stretch over the bump and then, get back to shape. Therefore, Kevlar is mixed with other materials for proper protection.

Perforated and vented leather as well as synthetic mesh is best for hot summer days. One of the ways to ride comfortably in summer days is to wet down your shirt under the jacket as it will keep you cool. Do not take the risk of riding with short sleeves, sneakers and shorts in the summer months as it may affect you for the rest of your life. It is important that you always wear protective gear while riding a motorcycle.

There are also jackets with airbags available in the market that will keep you safe if you fall. In addition, you may also wear an airbag vest that is worn over the jacket. These airbags protect your chest, abdomen, spine, ribs and cervical spine. There is a ripcord that attaches to the bike and it activates the CO2 cylinder located outside of the airbag.

You can easily replace this cylinder once it is used. These airbags are very popular and the manufacturers claim that these won’t go off unless the cord is ripped of with at least 25 to 55 pounds of force. In other words, airbag is not going to inflate when you get off your bike without unhooking the cable.

It is also important to wear fluorescent or reflective clothing. Many research studies have concluded that wearing fluorescent clothing significantly reduces the risk of crash related injury. Similarly, a white colored helmet is associated with lower risk as compared to a black colored helmet.

Overall, these are some things you need to consider while buying high quality riding apparel.